Live Two-Way Interviews About US and FL Midterm Elections 

First Interview at 4:00 GMT [November 3, 2010]

Second Interview at 7:00 GMT [November 3, 2010]


Americans Head to the Polls for Midterm Elections

[November 1, 2010] ORLANDO - Tuesday is Election Day in the United States. The economy and high unemployment rate top the list of issues on many voters’ minds. As a swing state, Florida is seen as a critical battleground for the Democratic and Republican parties. President Barack Obama and the Democrats carried the state two years ago, but many races now are a dead heat, especially the one for governor.


What Kind of Health Insurance are the Candidates Proposing? 

[November 4, 2008] Senator John McCain sees healthcare as a personal responsibility, while Senator Barack Obama says it’s a right for everyone. Despite these fundamental differences, both candidates agree that reform is needed.


Deregulate the Healthcare Industry or Increase Federal Supervision? 

[November 4, 2008] The US presidential candidates differ dramatically in their approach to healthcare reform. Senator John McCain proposes to deregulate the healthcare industry, while Senator Barack Obama hopes to increase federal oversight. Although they focus on providing healthcare to the approximately 50 million uninsured Americans, patients are not always covered, even if they do have insurance.