Time to Bring Out the Virtual Champagne

Hello everyone.

Welcome to my personal site at http://www.eunalhee.com. And thank you so much for coming to my grand opening. Feel free to look around, browse the various pages and take a sip of virtual champagne.

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Euna Lhee. That's LHEE with an "h." I happen to be very sensitive to the spelling of my last name, since I am often confused with another Korean-American journalist, who was once detained in North Korea. Although I have been to North Korea's Geumgangsan as a tourist, I have never set foot inside a prison there. I hope I never do.

End of August this year, I started working as a multimedia health reporter for Florida Public Radio, as a part of HealthyState.org. The project aims to draw in the younger generation (ages 20 to 45) to the core NPR audience through the production of compelling health news content via multiple platforms. I am based at WMFE Public Radio in Orlando and cover medical research and biotechnology in the state, although any health issue in the Central Florida region is fair game. I am expected to do it all - television, print, Web and, of course, radio - as a one-woman show.

I plan to use my homepage as a health care reporting blog. I may tell you what happens behind the scenes while I follow a story and produce it to the end. Or I may mention why a specific story or angle was not covered. I will also write about my experiences as a young journalist, amidst the "great recession" and near breakdown of traditional journalism. (Perhaps, I should be more optimistic and instead call it a "transformation" or "transition" of the industry.) And finally, to be perfectly honest, I may throw in random bits and bytes from time to time, which may have no relevance to any of the subjects that I have described above - just for kicks.

I encourage you to actively take part in my blog. Please leave comments - positive or negative - and share interesting posts with friends. After all, it takes two to have a thoughtful discussion.