Berlin Capital Program

The Fulbright Young Journalists had the opportunity to mingle with other young US journalists, who were in Germany for the Berlin Capital Program. We joined them for their day trip to Hamburg.

We met with ARD anchor Ingo Zamperoni, who showed us around the studios and talked to us about the organization's history. I asked Zamperoni about what he thought the differences were between the US and Germany in television news. He said two things that I thought were interesting. First of all, he said that the US is more focused on its audience, which is illustrated by the polarization of American news channels. "News is more of a business in the US," Zamperoni said. He added that much of German news is publicly funded.

He also said that US news is "faster" and, perhaps, three to four years ahead in terms of social media.

So, if the US foreshadows the future for German media, I wonder if Zamperoni likes what he sees... ;)

We also visited Der Spiegel and met with Spiegel editor Ralf Hoppe. He told us about some stories that he was working on and how he reported them. Since these are works in progress, I can't write about them here. But I must say, he sounds like an amazing storyteller. "A lie is a bad version of a dream," Hoppe said, while referring to a story that will be in next week's Spiegel.

We then walked to the Hamburg America Center, where journalism professor Mike Schäfer talked to us about climate change and science journalism. He thinks that the hot topics of journalism now may be genomics and artificial life.

Finally, it was time for Glühwein and roasted bratwurst! We ended the day by going to the Hamburg Rathaus and checking out the Weihnachtsmarkt there.

Action packed day. I was so exhausted when the day was over. I think this picture says it all.