Alma Mater at The Standard Club

James B. Stewart, a business journalism professor at Columbia University, made some remarks at Chicago's The Standard Club tonight. His introduction alone took around five minutes. Stewart has done some amazing work and even won the Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Journalism back in 1988. Besides talking about some hot topics in business journalism (ahem... Greece's future in the EU), he said, "Based on my students at Columbia, I can see that journalism is still alive and well." That's easier to say if you write a column for The New York Times. But the future of journalism is the topic of another conversation, much too long for this post.

Maybe I should go buy Stewart's book, Den of Thieves, and find out more about this Michael Milken character, since he is credited as the man who "changed medicine." Stewart may have mentioned his book once, or twice. In any case, it should be worthwhile to read about how medical research funding has changed in the past two decades.