Guns N’ Roses or Guns N’ Physicians?

Some say the government should regulate what questions physicians can ask their patients during private examinations. There’s legislation moving in the Florida Legislature, SB 432 and HB 155, which would make it a felony for doctors to ask their patients whether or not they own guns.

The bills were filed by state Rep. Jason Brodeur (R-Sanford) and state Sen. Greg Evers (R-Baker). They say the measures would protect the privacy of firearms owners.

The bills also prohibit physicians from refusing to see patients who won’t “disclose personal and private information unrelated to medical treatment.” The legislation is now in the House’s Health & Human Services Committee and in the Senate’s Health Regulation Committee.

Some doctors believe gun ownership questions are necessary to obtain a complete medical history and to advise patients on gun safety.

Dr. Judy Schaechter is a pediatrician at the University of Miami.


The Florida Medical Association also opposes these bills. The group calls them “an inappropriate intrusion of government into the bond that exists between doctors and their patients.” []