Palin Rallies in Orlando

ORLANDO – Hundreds of GOP supporters rallied in Orlando today for a fundraising event that featured former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. [audio:|titles=Palin|artists=Lhee]

Energetic Florida Republicans gathered at World Center Marriott in Orlando for what was dubbed “a victory rally.” They waved American flags and red banners that read “Listen to Me” and “Fire Pelosi.”

Speakers during the event included Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele and US Senate candidate Marco Rubio. But it was former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who got the loudest cheers.

"You can either vote for the status quo, that means more taxes, more unemployment, more regulation, more government overreach, or you can vote for those policies and those people that will put Florida back to work in America," Palin said.

She urged voters to go to the polls and make Nov. 2 “a new day forward.” [NPR Spot]