Protein Helps Suppress Inflammation

ORLANDO – University of Central Florida researchers have made a discovery that may help patients suffering from chronic conditions, like arthritis and heart disease. The scientists have found a protein that helps suppress inflammation – at least in mice. [audio:|titles=inflammation|artists=Lhee]

UCF researchers discovered the protein four years ago, but they didn’t know what it did. They now know inflammation prevention is one of its main roles.

Researcher Yasser Saad said the discovery may someday help patients who have conditions that can be caused by inflammation, like heart disease, cancer, arthritis, obesity and diabetes.

"This new discovery could lead to the development of new medicines that through early intervention may delay or even prevent the development of these chronic diseases," Saad said.

He said a new anti-inflammatory drug may be identified for human clinical trials in several years. The findings were published in the December issue of the Journal of Experimental Medicine. [ | FPR Spot]