[March 17, 2015]  In some parts of the world, people have been killing manta and mobula rays to use their gills for a so-called medicine. But eating these animals is threatening the future of the species and could be hurting our health. 

[February 24, 2015]  Misinformation and hate speech in Kenya’s Tana River Delta have led to heightened inter-communal conflict and several massacres since 2012. A Canadian organization is now using SMS messages to defuse tensions.

[February 13, 2015]  Breaking -- Plastic is ubiquitous today, found in many consumer items. But once these products are thrown away, they often end up in the world's oceans, where they make their way through the ecosystem and - perhaps - back to us.

[February 12, 2015Interview -- The very first Global Divestment Day is celebrated on February 13 and 14 this year. Campaigners around the world are calling on institutions to freeze investment in fossil fuels as a way to tackle climate change head on.

[February 10, 2015]  Picture Gallery -- More mammal species are going extinct in Australia than in any other world region, according to a new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. And it's not due to habitat loss or hunting.

[August 29, 2014]  Ebola has lurked around African tropical rainforests for decades and can have a fatality rate up to 90 percent. But despite Ebola's deadly record, it remains a disease without a proven drug for economic reasons.