Venture into clinical research

I'm happy to share the news that I have joined Bob Siegerink's clinical epidemiology group at the Center for Stroke Research Berlin (CSB) as a medical student researcher. Although I started working with them in October, my employment contract "officially" began in January, which is why I'm only releasing this news now.

So, I've been busy these past several months learning more about neurology and public health and am already working on a couple of projects with my colleagues. One includes helping to revise and translate Germany's clinical guidelines on the secondary prevention of ischemic stroke and transient ischemic attack. The other looks at the stroke funding landscape in Europe.

Since I'm already leaning toward specializing in emergency medicine and public health, it seemed like the logical choice to combine some kind of emergency event with epidemiology. Cardiology already seems so saturated with research, whereas neurology - especially stroke - still holds much potential. And the brain is such an enigmatic and miraculous organ!

Besides, I'm a huge Oliver Sacks fan. Even in death, the man continues to inspire me.